Modern Slavery Statement

September 2017

QUIZ Plc is publishing this statement under the provision of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the ‘Act’). The Act requires businesses to state the actions they have taken during the financial year to ensure modern slavery is not taking place in their operations and supply chains.

QUIZ has a zero-tolerance approach to human trafficking and modern slavery in our own business and our supply chains. We are committed to eradicating modern slavery.

In striving to improve conditions for all workers throughout our supply chain we recognise the importance of transparency from our suppliers.

This statement refers to the financial year ending 31 March 2017.

Supply Chain Transparency Progress 2016/17

In order to ensure transparency and identify high risk areas in our supply chain, we have taken the below steps over the last year:

  • Communicated the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act to all suppliers.
  • Issued an Ethical Code of Practice to all suppliers which forms part of our terms of business. This Code covers all of the principles of the Ethical Trade Initiative base code which sets worldwide standards on labour practices.
  • Conducted a desk-based risk assessment of our top 20 suppliers by an independent third party ethical compliance company. Our top 20 suppliers account for approximately 70% of total product spend. This assessment takes a country-by-country approach and ranks them using a points system according to geographic specific risk, supplier specific risk and product specific risk.
  • Conducted one to one interviews with all product suppliers to gain a greater understanding of their own supply chain and working conditions to help us identify any further risks not already identified by the risk assessment report. The interviews with suppliers check their due diligence process with regards to:
    1. Forced labour, child labour or human trafficking
    2. Health & Safety provisions and training to ensure safe working environments.
    3. Minimum wage and living wage provisions and deductions from pay.
    4. Monitoring of working hours and rest periods.
  • Instructed all suppliers to register on SEDEX and have the results of a Sedex Member Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) uploaded within the next 12 months.
  •  Provided Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking training to our Buying Teams to help them better identify risks when visiting suppliers on-site.

Objectives Going Forward

We acknowledge that achieving and maintaining supply chain transparency is an ongoing process that requires year-on-year improvement and greater collaboration with the various suppliers, agents and factories and processors that make up our supply chain. As such, the QUIZ board have set the following targets for 2017/18:

  • Ensure all suppliers and Tier 1 third-party manufacturing sites, being those which cuts, sews and finishes QUIZ product and ships to QUIZ, are registered on SEDEX and have an up to date SMETA audit report available for review and follow up.
  • Build upon internal team managing processes and following up on corrective actions with suppliers.
  • Conduct announced and unannounced visits to tier 1 manufacturing sites – beginning with the highest risk factories and regions as identified by the current risk assessments.
  • Provide ethical training workshops for suppliers, in particular across the UK and in China.
  • Arrange a SMETA audit of our QUIZ distribution centres.
  • Develop greater internal procedures and KPI’s to ensure all QUIZ suppliers have provided updated manufacturing site information and we have full traceability down our supply chain.

We recognise the complexity of our supply chain and the importance of gaining transparency beyond the ‘first tier’. As we work our way through this year’s objectives we will build upon our existing compliance team and continue to seek third-party advice to help us work towards eradicating any potential modern slavery and exploitation risks in our supply chain.

QUIZ Plc Board
September 2017


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